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"The Asre Novin International Trade Development Company" has been active since 2008 in the fields of medical equipment, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, laboratory supplies, and research services. Recognizing the high level of responsibility required for providing these services, as well as the necessity of a thorough understanding of the real needs of society for introducing and offering new products, the company has obtained the latest information from leading global companies and provided it to reputable medical centers. Moreover, it has managed to secure exclusive agencies from reputable companies based on commercial standards by consulting with the dental community and specialists.

It is worth mentioning that alongside offering competitive prices and desirable product quality, one of the main missions of this company has been to establish experienced organizations in the field of after-sales services. These services, initiated with the collaboration of all its representatives across the country, have seen significant development over time. The after-sales services in the realm of imported equipment by this company, such as various dental implants and active unit lights, have garnered the satisfaction of esteemed customers.

Furthermore, the company has recently ventured into the field of digital dentistry. As you are aware, activities in this area have led to intelligent and precise implant surgeries compared to traditional implant surgery methods.

In conclusion, we express further gratitude for considering and evaluating the mentioned capabilities. We encourage you to continue accompanying us with your feedback, thus helping us improve more than ever before.

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